SVTAV1 2.0

The SVT AV1 team just keep making their codec better. Version 2.0 was released in March 2024. It promised further increased speed and quality. As it seems this website is now just endless codec comparisons, I did a few hundred encodes of the same old video file to see how this new version compares to… Continue reading SVTAV1 2.0

SVTAV1 10 bit

A reddit post after my last post suggested that despite the source being in 8 bit colour, SVTAV1 should always be encoded in 10 bit colour, as it produces significantly better results. ffmpeg can be asked to encode in a different colourspace by specifying the pixel format. For example, to encode a video in 10… Continue reading SVTAV1 10 bit

AV1 codec update

My previous post was made with the RAV1E and SVTAV1 codecs as they were in mid 2023. Both codecs received significant updates later in 2023. This post looks at the RAV1E 0.7, and SVTAV1 1.8. As with the previous post, I encoded the same 1000 frame video clip at various presets and quality settings of… Continue reading AV1 codec update